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5 Safe Drain Unclogging Methods (#5 Is the Best!)

drain-in-metal-sink-waterThe last thing you want to deal with in a hectic life is handling a clogged shower or sink drain. Unfortunately, these nuisances are among the most common in homes, and even with the best prevention methods, they’ll still crop up to annoy you and bring parts of your day-to-day life to a halt.

There are solutions, of course. One of them is not chemical drain cleaners. These acidic chemicals are dangerous for drainpipes, and they’re dangerous for you and other people in your household. They aren’t that effective either, meaning you’ll end up paying a lot more in the long run for less thorough solution.

Below we’ve listed five safe methods to get rid of that pesky sink or shower clog.

1. Hot water

Let’s start with the simple, natural power of hot water. If the clog in the drain is made up of grease or soap, hot water may cut right through it. Heat water in a pan, then take the pan to the drain. (Be cautious about spilling any.) Pour the water slowly down the drain. Wait for fifteen minutes and then turn on the tap and run water down the drain—you may have solved the problem already.

2. Plunger

The friendly plunger is a part of many home’s inventory of tools for a good reason—they often work at solving simple clogs. Don’t try to plunge the drain in a dry basin or tub; first let some water fill it up so the plunger will be able to form a seal for suction. Once you’ve done this, run water from the tap to see if the clog is dislodged.

3. Drain snake

A.k.a. the drain auger. This is a tool that slides down into the drank and rotates using a hand-crank. The spiral of wires will cut down into blockages and break them apart. This may break up larger clogs a plunger won’t affect, although it can often leave debris behind. If the clog returns soon, skip down to option #5.

4. Homemade drain cleaner

No, we don’t recommend you find acid around the house! Instead, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, and then a cup of vinegar about a minute later. You will have to wait for an hour or two for the mixture to have an effect. After waiting, pour boiling water down the drain to finish the job.

5. Call a professional plumber

Sometimes, none of these methods will get rid of an obstinate clog. This last method will. When you call us for drain cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA, we’ll see the clog is fully removed. We don’t just unclog the drain, we clean it so there is no debris left over that can start a new clog. Our plumbers use powerful tools, such as motorized drain snakes and hydro-jetters. These are tools non-professional should never attempt to use. You can trust us to have the job done fast and right, leaving you without drain troubles for a long stretch.

At Husted Plumbing, we treat our customers like family. Call us for drain cleaning services in the Greater Santa Barbara and Ventura County Area.

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