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Why Not Drain Cleaning to Start the New Year?

clearing-of-blocked-drainWe know that this may not sound like a “celebratory” way to begin 2021, but this is going to be a year of “back to the basics” for many. If you’re looking for a way to make this year easier than last, we strongly recommend you schedule drain cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA with us. It’s an important service for your home that you can easily have taken care of with a phone call. We’ll do all the hard work and you’ll enjoy the great benefits of getting your drains to almost “like new” condition.

Drain Cleaning Is About More Than Clogs

You might think that calling us for drain cleaning is odd if you don’t currently have any slow drains or fully clogged drains, or even drains that are giving off bad odors. Homeowners usually connect drain cleaning in their minds with drain problems and don’t see any reason to call for it unless they’ve got clogs. 

This is reactive drain cleaning, and it’s an important reason for doing the job. But it’s not the only reason. Proactive drain cleaning is a regular maintenance job we advise all our customers have done once a year. It stops clogging and other drain problems, and it’s good for the overall health of the plumbing.

Your Drains Are Under Constant Assault

Just because you don’t have a clogged or slow drain doesn’t mean your home’s drain pipes are in great condition. Your drains are always dealing with build-up and debris from what flows down them. The kitchen drains pick up food waste particles, and residue from fats, oils, and grease. Shower drains deal with hair that can easily start to accumulate, and bathroom sink drains have soap scum build-up, which can not only lead to clogs but also chemical reactions that damage the pipes. Hard water deposits can be trouble for drainpipes everywhere in a house. 

Although you can take precautions to keep certain items out of the drains (such as using strainers), you can’t stop it all. In only a year, your drains will need cleaning to take out the build-up that can lead to problems. 

Hydro-Jetting Power

When we clean drains, we use the best tools available. We don’t pour chemical “drain cleaners” down into the pipes; those are actually harmful. And we don’t just do a quick rooter either. We use hydro-jetting equipment to provide a complete scouring of the inside of the drains using the most natural power in the world: the force of water. Hydro-jetting sends blasts of high-pressure water along the walls of the drainpipes to remove the most obdurate build-up. It cleans the drainpipes and leaves behind a surface where it’s hard for debris to begin to build up again. 

We have other tools we use to ensure your drain cleaning is thorough, such as video pipe inspection equipment to examine the inside of the drains. We’ll make sure you have the best cleaning possible so you won’t have to see us again for drain cleaning until 2022 for your next scheduled appointment.

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