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Can You (Not) Dig It? We Can Repair Your Sewer Line Without Digging!

backhoe-of-construction-equipmentProblems with a home’s sewer line are among the worst kind of plumbing fiascoes. A broken sewer line will soon mean sewage backing up into the house, clogged drains everywhere, and sewage flowing up to the surface of the yard or garden.

What makes sewer line troubles even worse is how difficult they are to fix. The sewer pipe from the house that connects to the municipal sewer pipe is set down in a ditch that’s only accessible by digging down to it so plumbers can replace sections or even the whole line.

Except… digging is no longer the only way to do the job. There is such a thing as “no-dig” sewer repair. It’s known as trenchless technology, and Husted Plumbing is proud to offer it as a solution to your sewer line woes.

Are No-Dig Repairs the Standard Now?

Although trenchless technology has a long history, starting back with lateral mining inventions in the 1930s, it isn’t universal among plumbers. The equipment for the job is expensive and it requires special training to use it, so not all plumbing contractors have yet invested in no-dig sewer repair in Santa Barbara, CA. They still use the not-good-old-fashioned excavation technique. I.e. tearing open property with digging equipment to reach down to the sewer line. This is a time-consuming process, as well as messy, and the scars across lawns and gardens take a while to heal after they’ve been re-landscaped.

Trenchless repair, however, approaches the sewer line from the sides. The plumbers insert a drain liner into the sewer pipe through an above-ground clean-out, then use hydraulics to push the liner into place and seal it along the pipe interior, forming a new interior and patching up the damage.

Trenchless sewer repairs are not only fast and leave the property looking pristine afterward, it’s also less expensive because it isn’t as labor intensive. In every possible way, trenchless “no-dig” repair is better than the excavation approach.

Does This Process Really Require No Digging?

Some of the time. If the plumbers only need to access one end of the sewer line for the repair, no digging is necessary. However, for some jobs the plumbers will need to access the other end of the sewer line, and for this they’ll have to excavate a small hole so they can attach the hydraulics. It’s an insignificant patch that can easily be re-landscaped.

How Can I Know I Need Trenchless Sewer Repair?

As soon as you notice any sign of sewer line problems, such as clogged drains around the house, bad sewer odors from drains, or foul-smelling damp patches on your property, call our professional plumbers. We’ll use special video pipe inspection equipment to look inside the sewer line and find out what’s wrong—and the best way to fix it. We have extensive experience handling all types of sewer line repair and replacement jobs, and we will find the right approach to take care of your repair needs.

Husted Plumbing has been family-owned and operated since 1935. Call us for prompt and reliable service in Santa Barbara.

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