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Why Do I Need Regular Drain Cleaning?

clearing-of-blocked-drainDrain cleaning isn’t something that anyone’s excited to have done. It’s certainly not the most interesting thing, either. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary for the health of you, your family, and your plumbing system. But drain cleaning is only as effective when done by a professional. We’ll explain why that’s the case.

What Makes Professional Drain Cleaning Different?

Well, for one, it’s done by a professional! But seriously, any attempt to work on your drains that are not done by a professional isn’t cleaning—it’s just attempting to clear a clog.

A professional of drain cleaning in Santa Barbara will use a hydro-jet, video inspection, or any other appropriate tools to actively wash the inside of your drain pipes. The fact of the matter is that it’s rare for a homeowner to own any of these tools, let alone have the experience and skills to use them.

So, why does cleaning make all the difference?

It Keeps Your Drains From Clogging

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for regularly scheduled drain cleaning is for preventing those drains from becoming clogged.

It helps to understand what happens during a clog. For example, if your kitchen sink’s drain collects too much fat, oil, or grease (FOG), you can expect it all to congeal within the pipes. Now, this might not be enough on its own to actually cause a clog, but it will create a sticky surface for bits of food or waste to start collecting. And that’s how you end up getting clogs.

The clog is merely a symptom of the main problem: a dirty drain. Until you have the drain thoroughly cleaned, the risk of clogs is increased.

It Prevents Harmful Smells From Entering Your Home

This is a consequence of dirty drains that you may not realize exists until you experience it yourself.

Bad smells coming from your drain can be due to a few reasons:

  • Mold growing underneath the drain cover. Luckily, this is something you can clean by yourself and not an indicator of a dirty drain.
  • Biofilm, a toxic bacterium that can develop when the drain becomes clogged or too dirty.
  • Sewer gases, such as methane, which also is a result of clogged or dirty drains.

Sure, we associate our bathrooms with these kinds of unpleasant smells, but you should never put up with toxic smells. As you can imagine, this would be even worse to encounter in your kitchen sink, where the risk of contamination is increased.

It Prevents Your From Attempting Quick-Fix Methods

Chemical drain cleaners are one of the worst things you can put down your drains. They’re caustic chemicals that actually eat away at the very metals (your pipes!) that they claim to clean. Yet, when the drain is backed up and there are no more options, it’s what many homeowners resort to as a last-minute fix.

Thorough drain cleaning is going to prevent you from ever having to resort to shady DIY methods. Have it scheduled with your plumber so that it becomes less than a second-thought in your mind, and you can enjoy properly working drains all year-round.

Time for drain cleaning? Don’t hesitate to schedule your next cleaning! Contact Husted Plumbing today to schedule a service.

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