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You Need to Hire Pros to Repair Your Home’s Gas Lines!

copper-tubesThe gas pipes in your home that carry natural gas from the municipal line and to the various appliances in around the rooms (furnace, stove, range, water heater etc.) may not carry water like other pipes in the house, but they are still part of the plumbing. That means you need to hire professionals—and professionals only—when it’s time for gas line repair in Santa Barbara, CA. Our Husted Plumbing team is the one to call when you think you’ve got gas line issues. Please don’t hesitate, since gas leaks are hazardous! Shut off the gas main to the house first, then call us.

Why Professionals Are Necessary

Whenever we talk about plumbing repairs, we stress that only licensed plumbers can do the work. You can make simple adjustments to minor issues in your house, such as using a plunger to clear out a simple clog. But anything that might require taking out tools like wrenches is a job for a professional. And someone who claims they can do the work but can’t produce a license isn’t a professional, so don’t look to amateurs either.

We could just say: “Plumbing repairs are plumbing repairs, no matter water or gas pipes, so call pros!” and leave it at that. But gas piping has even greater reason to need licensed professionals, which is that the consequences of errors are extremely high. As in potentially deadly.

Gas leaks are toxic as well as combustible. Although piping and appliances are designed within strict safety regulations, any unlicensed work on them will jeopardize their integrity. In fact, in most jurisdictions it is illegal for anyone who isn’t properly certified and insured to work on a pipe or appliance connected to a gas main.

We Are Licensed and Trained for This Work

Not all plumbers provide service for gas lines—but we do. The pipes that carry natural gas through a home are similar to the materials for water pipes, with copper the most common. Copper resists corrosion and is lightweight. Flexible plastic pipes are also used in places where there isn’t enough space to install solid copper. Our licensed plumbers are familiar with all these materials and know what type to use for any situation, as well as how to replace them when they’re damaged. We also know how to safely locate the leaks for a fast resolution to the problem.

We Offer Other Gas Piping Services

We would like to help your house get the most from its natural gas connection. If you are thinking of putting in new gas-fired appliances (such as an upgrade to a gas-powered laundry machine), talk to our plumbers and we’ll arrange for the job. We use the best materials and do the work thoroughly to ensure the job is done to the highest safety standards. We can also help guide you on how to best improve the use of natural gas in your house—just ask!

At Husted Plumbing, we treat our customers like family. When you need plumbing repair in Santa Barbara, whether to gas piping or anything else, call us first!

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