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Is It Time for Main Water Line Repairs?

waterThere are some plumbing issues that are hard to ignore. The clogged sink… the leaky faucet… But it turns out that some of the most troublesome plumbing problems are sometimes the most difficult to spot. It might not be until you get your next water bill and see a huge spike that you finally realize something is horribly wrong.

One such set of problems can come from your main water line. This is a crucial piece of plumbing can cause serious issues for your quality of life. Plumbing problems get worse with time, so here are some ways you can detect a main water line issue early on:

Low Water Pressure

Did you turn on one of your sink faucets to find the water sporadically gushing out rather than as a continuous stream? This is a sign that your water pressure is diminishing.

First, you’ll want to confirm that it’s not just a problem with the faucet. If the water pressure issues are only coming from one sink, there’s a good chance the faucet just needs repairs or replacement. If you notice these issues all over the home, however, then there’s a chance that your main water line has a leak.

Soggy Yard

Is your lawn waterlogged and saturated with water? And it wasn’t pouring rain last night? This is typically a sign that a pipe has burst underground. Fortunately, a leak outside of your home is far better than one beneath the foundation of your home. At that point, it would become a slab leak and can cause serious damage to your home.

If the wet spot is accompanied by a foul smell or a lush patch of greenery, do stay away, because this is most likely a sewer line burst and can be hazardous to your health.

Water in the Streets

When the water from a mainline burst has nowhere else to go, it can often end up across your sidewalk and in the street. If you haven’t been running your sprinklers but suddenly see an excess of water, then it could be the main water line.

A reliable way to confirm a leak is by checking the water meter. Start by ensuring that none of your appliances or fixtures are running water. Then, check to see if the water meter is still spinning. If so, you’ve got a leak.

Discolored/Rusty Water

If your water keeps coming out with a brown tint, that can be due to a corroded water line. The rust inside of the pipes is finding its way through the system and into your drinking water. The alternative is that cracks in the line are allowing dirt to enter the water stream (but that’s not much better). Let an expert of plumbing in Oxnard, CA stop by to perform a thorough inspection of your plumbing system.

If you suspect there’s a leak or pipe burst on your property, don’t hesitate. The longer you wait, the more damage it can do. Contact Husted Plumbing today to schedule a service. Family owned and operated since 1935.

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