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Need a New Gas Line? Only Let Professionals Take On the Job!

copper-tubesThe plumbing pipes in a house covers more than the pipes that carry freshwater and wastewater. Gas piping is also part of a home’s plumbing (at least if the house has a natural gas connection). The natural gas from the municipal source is piped into the house and then carried to the various appliances through copper and flexible piping. The exhaust is vented through pipes as well.

If you are planning to add a new gas appliance to your house, such as a gas-powered dryer, or you are making the switch in your kitchen from an electric range and stove to a gas range and stove, you’ll need to have gas line installation to deliver the energy source. But don’t go searching online to find a DIY guide for putting in a gas line! Yes, you’ll find info—but this is a job you absolutely must leave to licensed professionals. You’ve already found the right people for your safe gas line installation in Santa Barbara, CA.

Hiring a Certified Plumber

It doesn’t matter how “easy” the job you want done may seem. Even if you only need to lay out another ten feet of flexible gas piping to an outdoor grill, there are major risks to trying to do it on your own or letting someone without proper licensing do it. The new piping must be the correct size, and in some cases the plumber cannot extend the line but must run a new pipe from the main gas line. One of the difficulties with gas piping is that even a small error can create hazards, although it won’t be noticeable until later. It’s vital that the job is done accurately and up to code from the start.

When you work with a plumber who is certified and licensed for work with gas lines and has full insurance, you can rest easy that the work will be done correctly.

Yes, Professional Plumbers Do This Type of Work

Homeowners often don’t think of plumbers in connection with gas piping, and they are more likely to contact the local gas company to handle it. But you’ll receive better attention and better pricing if you work with our private plumbers. In fact, the gas company will often recommend you call a contractor instead. We can show you our license and proof of insurance that we’re permitted to handle gas line installations.

We’ll Do the Job Safely and Accurately

The safety of you and your family is our top priority, no matter the job. We have been in business since 1935 and we’ve always been family-owned and operated—we know how to take care of families! Our gas line installers can handle putting in any new gas line service you need. Whether you’re putting in a gas log fireplace, an outdoor grill, an outdoor fire pit, or moving your natural gas water heater or furnace, you can put your full trust in our plumbers to do the job safely and right the first time.

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