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There Is No Such Thing as a “Minor” Plumbing Leak!

bursted-copper-pipeIf you’ve ever thought you can put off a small plumbing issue such as a minor leak, we urge you to reconsider. There is no such thing as a minor leak in residential plumbing. The smallest leak—the pinhole leak—can be a costly problem for your home. As with any repairs in your plumbing system, call for a Ventura, CA plumber to look into it and fix it as soon as possible. We are ready to help you with prompt and reliable service, no matter the size of the plumbing leak in your home.

The Trouble With the Small and Slow Leak

Pinhole leaks are an unfortunately common type of leak in household plumbing systems. They happen because of a kind of corrosion affecting copper. Known as formicary corrosion, this weakening along the surface of pipes occurs because of a reaction between chemicals in the air and the surface of the copper. Pinhole leaks are difficult to prevent, but fortunately simple for professionals to repair when they’re noticed.

The trouble with this type of small leak is that it’s hard to see at first, and that gives it plenty of time to cause damage. The slow water leak creates a standing water problem that allows for the development of mold and mildew—and nothing eats through drywall faster than mildew. The water also creates wood rot and harms other building materials. Slow leaks in bathroom plumbing are especially a problem because they weaken the floors gradually, and the heavy fixtures and appliances may start to sink or even fall.

On top of this is the specific problem that black mold poses. Black mold is a significant health risk when it starts in a house because the mold spores are toxic. Black mold leads to respiratory problems and flu-like reactions. The presence of black mold will significantly lower the property value of any home!

Then there’s the water waste. Slow, small leaks are an enormous waste of water because they go undetected for long periods. A big leak gets noticed, gets fixed, and that’s the end of the wasted water. The slow leak can leech away hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water over the years—all while creating water damage that’s expensive to remediate and may not be covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Know When to Call!

There are signs that will inform you of a small leak hidden from your sight. You may hear sounds of running water at night when the house is quiet; the leak is causing water to move through the pipes. Spikes in your water usage bills are another major warning. And any time you see discolored spots on the walls or ceiling, call for a plumber right away—this means the leak is already starting to chew away at building material.

You can trust our trained plumbers to locate the leak and then have it fixed. Don’t wait—call us and we’ll get the job done.

Call Husted Plumbing to solve any leak problem. We Serve the Greater Santa Barbara and Ventura County Area.

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