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Plumbers and Your Gas Lines—They Can Work Together

working-on-outside-gas-meterMany homes rely on natural gas for power: running the furnace, the kitchen stove and oven, outdoor grills, and even clothes dryers. You probably have a natural gas connection for your home, and you’ll know that using gas is one of the most energy efficient ways to power your appliances.

But when you think about calling for repairs for your gas lines, or jobs such as moving your gas meter for construction or adding lines for new appliances, do you usually think of calling local plumbers? We’d guess the answer is “no.” You probably first think of calling your local gas company.

But some plumbers—although not all—specialize in working with natural gas lines.

Plumbers Don’t Just Work With Water and Waste Pipes

Yes, the image people have of plumbers are people who are trained to work on freshwater and waste water systems pipes, as well as appliances connected to these pipes like toilets, drains, faucets, and water heaters. But plumbers aren’t limited to pipes that carry water or waste; they can also have training and certification to work on the pipes and tubing that carry natural gas around a house and to fixtures.

We mentioned this above, but not all plumbers are certified or trained to work on gas lines. When you are looking for natural gas line services from a plumbing contractor, always ask to see their license to handle gas lines. This is no place for amateurs! Poor work on gas lines can create serious disasters, endangering your home, family, and even the neighborhood.

In many situations, you’ll find that going with a private plumbing contractor for your gas line needs is less expensive than relying on the utility company. You’ll receive personal service, and the plumber can provide you with different options. This is especially helpful if you’re looking to expand your home’s use of natural gas (such as installing a gas-powered clothes dryer). Plumbers can also help with redesigning pipes to accommodate newer fixtures.

We Offer Gas Line Services

The licensed plumbers at Husted Plumbing are more than happy to answer any questions you have about your residential gas piping. We offer a wide range of gas line jobs, such as gas line installation services in Carpinteria, CA. We also handle gas line repairs and we install flexible plastic gas lines, which are important for appliances like gas stoves and gas dryers.

Our plumbers are fully licensed for specialty jobs like gas pipe work. Everyone on our team understands the seriousness of this service, and we’ll always work to keep you and your family safe. As with any job we take on, we do the work right the first time. You can trust to us—we have served homes in the area since 1935, and we back up all our work with a guarantee. If at any time you are unsatisfied with the work we have done, call us and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right.

Husted Plumbing serves the Greater Santa Barbara and Ventura County Area—family owned and operated since 1935. Schedule service today!

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