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Plumbing Smells Icky? It Might Be…

girl-pinching-noseWhat do you want most from your home’s plumbing system? For it to work. And not just to work. You want it to work unobtrusively, without drawing any attention to itself. The toilets flush, the drains drain, the taps turn on… no fuss, no mess, no smells.

It’s that last one we’re looking at today, because plumbing that’s become stinky is no fun at all. Nobody wants foul odors drifting around their house. But when plumbing is in bad shape, this is often one of the side effects. Most of the time, icky smelling plumbing is a warning that you need to schedule repairs of some type. Below are reasons you might have bad-smelling plumbing.

A dirty garbage disposal

Can you trace those odors to the kitchen? To the kitchen sink? Then you’ve probably got a garbage disposal that either needs cleaning or repairs. The disposal is supposed to handle general food waste (although not all types; that’s a different discussion), and that means some foul-smelling materials may get caught in there. Over time, too much organic residue can build-up in the disposal and it will turn smelly.

Fortunately, you can clean the garbage disposal periodically by pouring vinegar and baking soda down it. Never use chemical “drain cleaners,” which can end up damaging the disposal. If the disposal keeps smelling awful, it may need professional cleaning or repairs. In extreme cases, a garbage disposal replacement may be the best option.

The dried p-trap

The p-trap is the plumbing name for the curved-shaped pipe underneath a drain. This section of the pipe resembles a “p” when detached from the plumbing, and it serves the important function of creating a water plug that blocks sewage gas from flowing back up the drainpipe and out the drain. If the water in the p-trap evaporates, however, out comes the stinky sewer smells! Most of the time this happens in drains that are rarely used, and you only need to pour water down the drain for about a minute to fix it.

Blocked drain vents

To prevent a rise in pressure inside the drainage system, the drains have vents that allow sewer gas to rise and escape through the roof. If these vents become clogged because of bird nests, debris, or anything else, it will force sewer gas back up through the drains and the p-trap. Don’t go up to the roof to attempt to clear the vents—trust the job to plumbers who will ensure the work is done safely.

Serious sewer line problems

The most urgent reason to call for professional plumbers because of smelly plumbing is when the issue stems from the sewer line. If the sewer line is blocked, leaking, or broken, it can soon lead to major troubles. Sewer line repair is a big job, but our plumbers use the best in trenchless technology that will speed up the process and make it clean.

We’re the local Santa Clarita, CA plumber to trust when you need repairs for plumbing—no matter the trouble. We have been in business since 1935, and our plumbers have dealt with every type of plumbing issue homes can run into.

At Husted Plumbing, we treat our customers like family. Call for service in Santa Barbara and Ventura County.

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