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Is Repiping Your Home in the Near Future?

cracked-pipePlumbing pipes age, and some pipe materials age faster than others. At some point in the history of a home that has been around long enough, the building will need some or all of its original pipes replaced with new, updated material. This is a large job, but one that professionals plumbers are familiar with and can handle in as short a time as possible—and the benefits are tremendous since it puts an end to numerous plumbing concerns, potential water damage, massive leaks, and inefficiency.

We know you’d rather not have to go through a job like this. But if it’s in your future, then now is the time to start planning and look to our Santa Barbara, CA, plumbing professionals for the job. Let’s examine some signs that a whole-house repiping is in your near future.

The Age of the House

The age of the plumbing in a house is the first indicator of whether it needs new pipes. A house built before 1970 and which has had no upgrades to its piping is a strong candidate for repiping. Homes of this vintage likely have cast iron or galvanized steel pipes, which are prone to corrosion over time. They can last around 50 years… and if you just did the math, you’ll see why now is the time to put in new pipes. Homes built in the 1980s and ‘90s may have polybutylene plastic pipes, which easily become brittle and break, so this is another caution sign.

Leaks Are Common

If you’ve had leak detection done, which we recommend homeowners have done every few years, and discovered a large number of hidden leaks, the pipes are probably rapidly decaying. Although you can keep calling for plumbing repairs, it’s not a cost-effective approach, and the many hidden leaks can lead to extensive water damage. A full repiping will take care of all these problems at once.

Water Usage Is Rising

The cost of water fluctuates, but you can always look at water usage on your water bills to determine how much you’re using. If you see a climb in water usage that doesn’t correlate to an increase in how much water your household consumes, it’s a cause for concern. We advise first calling for leak detection, and our plumbers can tell you then if the plumbing is aging and corroding to the point where it’s better to repipe.

Discoloration in the Water

Spots of rust flakes and reddish discoloration can indicate many pipes, even the water main, have rusted through. However, if this is only occurring in the hot water taps, then the issue is probably a rusted water heater that needs to be replaced. 

Drop in Water Pressure

Has water pressure in your home dropped at all taps, making showering, cleaning, and bathing more difficult? If the issue isn’t coming from the municipal system, it can mean a high amount of leaks, galvanic corrosion on steel pipes, or extensive mineral deposits—and in most cases, these are reasons to have extensive repiping.

Don’t feel intimidated by this job: we’re the professionals who can handle it for you. 

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