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When Do I Need to Make an Emergency Plumbing Call?

scared-womanDo you need an emergency plumber in Ventura, CA? That’s the question we’re addressing in this post, because homeowners often feel unsure if what they’re dealing with in their home qualifies as an emergency or not. Is the problem something that they might be able to fix on their own if they just know how? Is it maybe something that can wait for a few hours? Or is it serious and needs professional attention so it won’t cause extensive damage or turn into an even larger repair problem?

A Simple Answer to Get You Started

Before we go into more detail, here is a simple answer to the question: If you think you have an emergency, don’t try to second guess—call for help. Even if it turns out it isn’t an emergency, you’ll be glad you called on professional plumbers no matter what. It is much better to play it safe in this case than end up with an out-of-control plumbing issue or one that you managed to make worse by trying to do a DIY fix! Don’t be afraid to call for help when it comes to something as important as your home plumbing. It’s often the right choice.

The DIY “Solutions”

In general, plumbers discourage homeowners from “do-it-yourself” plumbing work. We don’t discourage basic maintenance and troubleshooting steps, but often people blur the line between them. Using a sink plunger to try to clear a clogged drain is an easy and safe step. Taking out tools to attempt to dismantle the pipes under the drain to clear a clog is not. Anything that requires breaking out a toolkit is something you should leave to a plumber. 

With that in mind, here are a few troubleshooting tips for common plumbing problems:

  • Low water pressure: Clean out aerators at faucets. Check with the neighbors to see if they have similar problems, then call on the utility company.
  • No water in the house: Another time to check with the neighbors and the utility company. 
  • Clogged sink or toilet: Use plungers or handcranked drain snakes. Do not pour chemicals down the drains. 
  • Major leaking or broken pipe: You’ll need a plumber for repairs, but first shut off the water to the house at the water main (located beside the water meter). 

The Immediate Plumbing Problem

Below are plumbing issues that require help from a plumber as soon as you can arrange for it. We offer emergency plumbing to take care of these problems:

  • Anything that is wrong with the water heater.
  • Leaking pipes or signs of water seepage in the walls or ceilings.
  • An overflowing toilet.
  • Signs of breaks or leaks in the sewer line.
  • Multiple drain clogs occurring around the house.
  • Loss of water pressure or of all water flow that isn’t due to a municipal problem. 

As we mentioned above, with all other plumbing issues the choice of whether to call for emergency help isn’t something you should stress over: if you think you need help, call for help! It’s why we’re here.

Husted Plumbing has been family-owned and operated since 1935. When you need an emergency plumber, call us!

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