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When Do I Need a Plumber for Whole-House Repiping?

PVC-pipesWhole-house repiping—it sounds intimidating. And it is a big job, requiring an Oxnard, CA plumber with the best tools and extensive experience to remove the old pipes throughout the house and put in new materials.

Having whole-house repiping done for your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you, however. When you rely on us, we’ll ensure the work is done fast, accurately, and leaves no mess behind. We’ve been in business since 1935, and we understand how best to upgrade a home’s piping to the modern age.

How to Know You Need Whole-House Repiping

Considering the extent of the job, whole-house repiping isn’t something you’ll want to schedule on a whim. It’s something you only want done when it’s necessary. In many cases, homes may need only partial repiping, and this is something our plumbers can do for you as well.

The best way to determine if you should have whole-house repiping is to call us for a survey of your home’s plumbing. We can give you an honest assessment about the age of the pipes and the state they’re in, and then give you advice about the best next step. Of course, you’ll need some warning to tell you to call us in the first place. Here are a few of the indications of a plumbing system ready for a serious upgrade:

  • House age: This is the best bellwether for repiping. A home built pre-World War II that has never had any piping or plumbing replacements definitely is overdue for repiping. The plumbing is probably made of cast iron, galvanized steel, even clay—none of which are used in plumbing systems anymore. Homes built before 1970 may also need full repiping if they don’t have any copper piping. Because we’ve been in business since 1935, we know all about the history of the types of pipes in homes and can help make a determination about whether a house needs repiping.
  • Extremely high-water usage: Compare how much you pay for water in your home to the national average. (This website is a useful resource.) If your water usage per month is much higher than the average, the source can be extensive leaking from outdated pipes.
  • Habitual plumbing repairs, clogs, and other troubles: If you run into clogged drainpipes, regular leaking issues, and a general need for plumbing repairs during the year, it’s a sign your entire plumbing system is ready to retire. Be especially cautious of water stains on walls or an increase in humidity around the home, because this points toward extensive leaking.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

You don’t have to worry about what types of piping material will replace your iron, steel, and polybutylene pipes. That’s what our plumbers are trained to do! We use the best in modern materials—copper, PEX, CPVC—to ensure you have a plumbing system with a fresh lease on life. Expect many decades of excellent plumbing performance after we’ve finished whole-house repiping.

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