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Why You Should Only Hire a Licensed Plumber

wrenchesPlumber. What does that word mean to you? You might think that anybody with a few wrenches and a plunger could be called a plumber. But when it comes to getting actual plumbing work done, the only plumbers you should think of are licensed plumbers. i.e. plumbers who have gone through proper licensing with the State of California. You can find many unlicensed plumbers who are willing to take on plumbing jobs, often at very cheap prices. But you’ll end up paying in multiple ways when you go with unlicensed plumbers!

Below are reasons to only hire a licensed plumber in Santa Barbara, CA, no matter what services you need.

Licensed Plumbers Are Fully Insured

A state license tells you a lot about a plumbing contractor. The most important is that the contractor has full insurance to cover potential injuries and damage during a job. If an unlicensed plumber comes to your house and sustains in injury on the job site, you may be liable for those injuries because the plumber doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance. If the plumber damages your house during the job, your homeowners insurance may not cover the costs. With licensed plumbers, you won’t have to worry—the plumbers’ insurance will protect you.

Licensed Plumbers Keep Homes Up to Code

A home’s plumbing system must be up to local building codes. This is especially vital for the drainage system, since it can have an adverse effect on sanitary conditions if it’s not to code. Only a licensed plumber can do jobs up to code. If an amateur does the service, that’s considered a code violation!

Licensed Plumbers Protect You From Fraud

If you sign a contract with an unlicensed plumber, it doesn’t mean anything. You might as well have signed a crumpled napkin. The contract offers you no legal protection in case the plumber made a major error or tried to defraud you—the plumber could just take your money and run. Licensed plumbers offer contracts that are legally binding.

Licensed Plumbers Do Better Work

It really is that simple, when you come down to it. Any plumber who has the training, skill, and equipment to do the best job possible will also have a license. There’s absolutely no reason a quality plumber wouldn’t get a license! So although you may find licensed plumbers who have gotten a bit slipshod with their work (not us, however!), you’ll never find an unlicensed plumber who’s superb at the job.

Licensed Plumbers Do Safer Work

Part of the licensing process ensures that plumbers understand the safety precautions they need to take and how best to handle repairs to systems that could become hazardous if handled incorrectly. You take a chance on unsafe conditions in your home if you go to a non-licensed plumber.

Husted Plumbing is fully licensed (License #1012217), and we also have extensive experience—we’ve been in business since 1935! Call us for your plumbing needs and you’ll find out why Husted Is Trusted!

Husted Plumbing serves the Greater Santa Barbara and Ventura County Area. Call our licensed plumbers today!

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