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Does My Water Heater Need Fall Maintenance?

plumber-and-water-heaterWe can answer this question easily by first asking you another question: Has your water heater received maintenance this year?

If the answer is no, then our answer is: Yes, your water heater needs fall maintenance. A water heater must have inspections, cleanings, and adjustments once a year. You can have it done at any time since you always need a working water heater. If you haven’t had it done yet, however, fall is one of the ideal times. Water heaters work harder during cooler temperatures, and even if  water heaters in Santa Barbara, CA don’t undergo serious winter weather strain (Southern California, after all), you can still expect to put more demand on your water heater than during other times of the year. You want it to work at its best!

Why Water Heater Maintenance Is a Necessity

Let’s leave aside the season for the moment and look at why annual professional maintenance is a vital service for a water heater.

The water heater in your house accounts for a staggering 17% of all your energy bills during the year, and 40% of your heating costs. That’s larger than any other energy-consuming system in your house, and it translates into an immense amount of labor. You use your water heater almost every day, and in multiple ways. Any appliance that takes on so much work will begin to wear down rapidly unless it’s properly cared for.

In the case of a water heater, there are additional factors that make maintenance so critical. First, there is the corrosion factor. A water heater has metal in contact with water, and that’s a recipe for corrosion to start. When corrosion affects the tank of a water heater, the water heater needs to be replaced. Although each water heater has defenses against rust built into it, they won’t mean much unless the system has regular maintenance. A key component of a water heater, the anode rod, prevents corrosion from affecting the tank—but the anode rod must be replaced every few years or its protection will vanish. Checking the anode rod and replacing it if necessary are important steps of regular water heater maintenance.

A second factor is the buildup of silt and sediment in the water heater tank. Minerals from the fresh water are dissolved out of the water in the tank because of the heat, and these minerals will form a sediment layer along the bottom of the tank. This will cause a plunge in the water heater’s efficiency and may lead to the tank overheating. During maintenance, technicians check to see if the tank needs to be flushed to eliminate sediment buildup. A flush isn’t always mandatory, but most water heaters will need one every few years.

Call Us for Water Heater Maintenance

We are old pros when it comes to keeping water heaters in great shape. After all, we’ve been doing this job for eighty-five years. Call us and we’ll arrange for the maintenance inspection and tune-up your water heater needs for terrific performance over the next year. We treat our customers like family!

Husted Plumbing has been family-owned and operated since 1935. Call us for water heater service in the Greater Santa Barbara and Ventura County Area.

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