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Is a Tankless Water Heater a Good Option?

tankless-water-heaterWe install both storage tank water heaters (the “traditional” type of water heater) and the newest models in tankless water heaters. Although the technology behind tankless water heaters goes back more than a hundred years, only recently have homeowners become more familiar with them. This means there are still plenty of misunderstandings about tankless systems, and you may be one of the many homeowners wondering if it’s feasible to switch to a tankless water heater when you replace your current one.

We can’t offer you a definite answer on a blog post, the same way we can’t give you a single price quote on a new system. We need to perform an estimate first to help you with making the decision about your water heater replacement in Carpinteria, CA. We can, however, offer you some generalizations about tankless systems and how they can work for homes like yours.

Tankless systems can be effective at delivering the hot water you need

Although tankless systems don’t store hot water to send to taps for use, that doesn’t mean they can’t meet a home’s needs. A tankless water heater is an “on-demand” system—it heats up water as it is needed, and stops heating when the demand for water stops. If the water heater is properly sized for the house with the correct flow rate and temperature differential, it will work just as well as a storage tank system.

Tankless water heaters may require some plumbing and gas updates

Replacing a tank water heater with a tankless water heater isn’t necessarily a simple swap. This isn’t a “plug-and-play” unit. The installers may need to make changes to the piping, both water and gas, to adapt to the differences between the two. Our plumbers will always inform you of what needs to be done before they undertake the work.

Higher cost vs. long-term savings

One of the big benefits of a tankless water heater—and probably one of the reasons you’re interested in one—is that it uses less energy to run than a storage tank water heater. You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, over the life of the unit. You will need to balance that with a more expensive upfront cost for installation. Our technicians can help you with estimates about savings vs. the installation price.

Tankless water heaters can be overwhelmed

A fact you often hear about tankless water heaters is that they “never run out of hot water.” This is true, because they don’t store water they can deplete. They will always heat up more. But if too many hot water taps are turned on at the same time, the system may be overwhelmed with demand. A professional can tell you if you may face this problem in your house, and if you should invest in more than one tankless system or stay with a storage tank system.

You can place your trust in our honesty and experience when you’re looking for a water heater installation. We’ll see you end up with the right option for your house.

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