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The Reverse Osmosis System: How It Helps Your Household Water

boy-drinks-waterWe have bad news for you. The fresh water in your house—the water coming from the bathroom and kitchen faucets, the shower heads, the dishwasher—is low quality. Or at least there’s a high chance that it is. Chemicals, heavy metals, hard water minerals, pesticides, sulfur, and many other contaminants can easily find their way through ground water into the pipes carrying fresh water to your house. Corrosion inside old pipes can also release lead and other impurities.

You can find out for certain if you need a water treatment system in Carpinteria, CA with a call to our water quality experts. We will schedule your house for water testing. When we receive the results from the lab, we can provide a rundown of exactly what’s in your water and if there’s too much of it. Then we can recommend a number of whole-house water treatment systems to counter the problem so you’ll have clean, safe water for your family.

The Reverse Osmosis System in Action

Among the many types of water purification and conditioning systems on the market (filters, UV lights, water softeners), the reverse osmosis system is one of the most powerful and frequently installed. This type of water treatment system is essentially a filter—but unlike standard filters, it has much greater power to stop smaller impurities from passing through.

The way a reverse osmosis system works is that it creates two separate areas of pressure, each on different sides of a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane is extremely fine, and normally water won’t flow through it. Creating different pressure areas, however, causes osmosis to happen—the movement of high-pressure water to an area of lower pressure. The highly pressurized water on the incoming side of the membrane is forced through the membrane to the other side, and the membrane catches many tiny particulates, chemicals, and other impurities.

How strong is reverse osmosis? The semi-permeable membrane has pores of the incredibly tiny size of 0.0001 microns. That’s much tinier than even the strongest carbon filter. It can trap bacteria and viruses and anything larger. Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, odor molecules … just about everything you don’t want in your water.

As a benefit, reverse osmosis systems have long service lives and require little maintenance. All-around, it’s a great choice for most homes.

“Great! I’ll Go Get One Right Now”

Sorry, wait a minute. A reverse osmosis system can’t simply be attached under a sink with the help of a few tools. These are whole-house water treatment systems, and they need special installation. If one of these systems is installed incorrectly, it can cut off water pressure to the whole house. You want the assistance of a professional.

However, you’ve already got us on the job. If you already arranged with our team for your water testing, you can schedule the installation of a reverse osmosis system with them. We’ll ensure you get the right model that will do the job you need without interfering with the performance of your home plumbing. We’re also available whenever you need repairs for your water treatment system, or any other part of your plumbing.

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