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Which Water Treatment System is For You?

water-filterWhen we get questions about water treatment systems, the most commonly asked question is usually something along the lines of “Which one is the best?”

Of course, what they really mean to ask is, “Which one is best for me?” Like many products and services in the plumbing industry, their effectiveness is dependent on the situation in your home. The same principle is true for water treatment systems. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll explain further.

Stop Looking for the “Best” System, Start With Water Testing Instead

The first thing to understand is that what we’re looking for is the most appropriate water treatment system, not the best one (“best” can come for later when we’re choosing which brand to install). What we mean is that there are several different kinds of water treatment systems available, and they all treat your water differently.

The easiest way to find out which systems you need is by having a water test performed by a plumber in Ventura, CA. In fact, if any plumber tries to install a water treatment system in your home without first performing a water test, then they might not be installing it with your best interest in mind.

The results of the water test will be able to determine if you need a:

Water Softener

If your hard water flows through your plumbing system, you’ll eventually suffer from the side effects.

Hard water is by no means harmful to your health. It simply indicates a high level of minerals that fail to dissolve, such as magnesium and calcium (some even claim that hard water is healthier for that reason!). The real problem is what it will do to your plumbing system over time. The minerals can create limescale throughout the pipes, which leads to clogs and water pressure problems.

Water softeners effectively replace these minerals with harmless sodium minerals, instead. Installed at the base of the system, it can soften the water for your entire home and not just at the sink.

Water Filtration System

These are the basic filtration systems that protect your home from chemicals and pollutants. For example, if the municipal water treatment is putting too much chlorine into the water, that can taste bad and possibly be harmful to drink in high enough concentrations. In these instances, a water filtration system is the way to go.

Water filters typically use activated carbon filters. These will prevent particles like sediments and silt from coming through, and they’ll also eliminate most odors and bad tastes. They can also reduce contaminants—such as chlorine—so you can rest assured that your water is as safe as it tastes.

UV Water Purifier

For bacteria and microbes, there’s nothing that can defend against them like the power of ultraviolet radiation. Plus, these systems are incredibly simple and require little maintenance. The filter uses a UV light bulb to bathe contaminants in their light. It’s harmless to humans and pets, but for microorganisms, it’s a death sentence. If the light doesn’t kill them immediately, it will eliminate their ability to reproduce.

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