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Grease Traps in Santa Barbara, CA

If you’ve ever run a commercial kitchen, or even been inside one, then you know that they produce a truly tremendous amount of waste. Most of the food waste produced by a kitchen is safely disposed of. Some of it, though, is not. If you have a commercial kitchen, or any other property that deals heavily with food, you should absolutely have a grease trap installed.

Husted Plumbing provides comprehensive grease trap installation and replacement services throughout Santa Barbara, CA. If you need a grease trap installed or replaced, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers. Husted Plumbing, family owned and operated since 1935.

The Purpose of Grease Traps

When talking to commercial property owners who haven’t had to deal with grease traps before, we often get questions about how necessary the system really is. After all, can’t the plumbing system handle a little grease without breaking down entirely? Well… yes and no. The reason so many cities mandate that there be grease traps installed on certain properties is that they don’t want to have to spend the time or the hassle unclogging the sewer main every year or two. The system might be able to cope with moderate levels of FOG (fats, oils, and grease) for a little while, but eventually it’s going to clog up the entire pipe. This is why grease traps are so important.

A grease trap provides a sort of natural filter for the FOG and other materials that might gum up the sewer line. As sewage from the kitchen enters the trap, oil will float to the top while heavier materials like grease will sink to the bottom. This leaves relatively clean greywater to pass through the trap and enter the sewer system. The trap will need to be flushed out on a regular basis, of course, but at least the sewer system itself will be spared of any further issues.

 Need a New Grease Trap? We Can Help

Grease traps are not large systems. They’re little more than a concrete box a few feet long and about half as wide. The problem, though, is that they can’t just be left sitting around wherever is the most out of the way in the kitchen. Most grease traps are installed under the floor, or somewhere else nearby but out of sight on the property.  That means finding a good professional contractor you can trust. We provide comprehensive grease trap installation and replacement services.  If you need a grease trap installed or replaced, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

We Can Handle All Your Grease Trap Needs

Grease traps are a vital part of making sure that your commercial building stays as efficient and healthy as possible. If you need a commercial grease trap installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, you know that to do. Contact Husted Plumbing for an appointment, and one of our professional technicians will be out to help you as soon as possible. We provide comprehensive grease trap services throughout Santa Barbara, CA.