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Sewer Lines in Santa Barbara, CA

Nothing screams “plumbing emergency” like a broken sewer line, right? Fortunately for you, Husted Plumbing provides quality sewer line replacement and repair services, and use trenchless technology in doing so for minimal disruption to your property.

There are a number of issues to be aware of when it comes to this important water line that removes waste from your home and hygienically moves it to the city sewer main in Santa Barbara, CA. Our company is family owned and operated since 1935 and we treat our customers like family! This means providing you with quality service and reliable plumbing. Contact us today to schedule your sewer repair or replacement!

Do You Need Sewer Line Service?

As we mentioned above, there are a number of issues that can impact a sewer line, especially over the course of decades that you may be in your home. Tree roots can seek out fresh sources of water and therefore infiltrate the line, which will create holes and possible ruptures in your sewer line. You may have a clogged sewer line due to waste buildup in your drain pipes that’s accumulated down in the main pipe.

Or, you may be constructing a new home and need a brand new sewer line installed! You know, so long as you want to have indoor plumbing. Whatever your sewer line service needs are, we are the team to turn to.

Watch for the Signs of Sewer Repair Problems

Some plumbing problems are hidden—because your plumbing system itself is hidden from view it can make it hard to pinpoint problems. But where your sewer line is concerned, there are signs you can watch out for that indicate something is amiss. For instance, keep your eyes out for pools of foul water that might form in your front or back yard.

When your sewer line springs a leak, the sewage will be forced up through the ground, and will begin pooling. Not only is this unpleasant and damaging to your property, but it’s an unhealthy biohazard too—and therefore a clear sign that you need to call for sewer repair.

Other signs to watch for are frequent drain clogs or backups, as they could indicate your sewer line has an obstruction. Remember, the longer you wait to call a Santa Barbara, CA plumber for repairs, the worse the problem may grow.

We Are Your Trusted Resource for Sewer Line Services

Your sewer line is a vital part of your home, although you probably don’t think about it too often. When you hire the right team to take care of this plumbing component, you won’t have to think about it too much at all! Taking proper care of your plumbing system with routine drain cleaning is the best way to avoid expensive, frustrating, and/or disgusting problems with your sewer line.

Husted Plumbing offers comprehensive sewer line services throughout Santa Barbara, CA and beyond. Anything from a new construction installation or partial to full replacement or quality repairs, we can handle it. Contact us today for an appointment.