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Video Pipe Inspection in Santa Barbara, CA

Is there ever a convenient time to deal with a drain or sewer line blockage? For Santa Barbara, CA homeowners, we’re going to guess that answer is a resounding “no!” Fortunately, though, if you do have a problem like this, our technicians can accurately pinpoint exactly just what is going on with this part of your plumbing system.

Contact us today and learn about our video camera inspection services. Remember, a problem with your sewer line is not only messy and a pain to deal with, it can also be a biohazard, impacting the health of your family as well as your neighbors. With video camera inspection, Husted Plumbing can help resolve your issue and get your home back to full functionality. We’re family owned and operated since 1935, and we look forward to serving you! Schedule an appointment with a plumber in Santa Barbara today!

What Are the Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection?

First off, the way this service works is that we use a camera snake, which we feed through your pipes so that our expert technicians can get a clear view of the plumbing system in order to locate the source of your plumbing leak or obstruction. The advantage of this service is that it allows us to uncover any problem you might encounter in your drain and sewer system, including:

  • Clogs: In order to know the best tool to remove a clog from your drain or sewer lines (and it’s not that corrosive liquid drain cleaner you can buy at the store) we first need to know exactly where it is located. From there, we can make an educated decision on next steps, since some tools are better for clogs near the surface while others work effectively for clogs that are deeper down.
  • Leaks: Video pipe inspection lets our technicians discover the precise location of leaks, so we can determine how to best repair it or replace the section of piping it’s coming form.
  • Tree Root Infiltration: Sometimes, what a homeowner thinks is a clog is actually tree roots that have found the water source and moved into your sewer pipes to hydrate.
  • Lost Items: Have you ever lost a piece of important jewelry down the drain? You may think it’s gone forever, but it doesn’t have to be! The sooner you call our plumbers, the sooner we can get in there with video camera inspection and hopefully find the item you’ve lost—whether it is a valuable piece of jewelry or a toy that a child flushed down the toilet.

Call On Us for Video Camera Inspection

Whether you suspect a major leak or some sort of clog in your sewer line, the best thing you can do is give our technicians a call as soon as possible. We even provide emergency services throughout Santa Barbara, CA, since let’s face it—no plumbing problem happens at a good time!

Our team comes with a full truck of equipment and tools on hand so that after we perform video pipe inspection, we can move straight on to the necessary repairs in a fast and efficient manner. Contact us today to schedule video pipe inspection with our professional plumbers.