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Leak Detection in Santa Barbara, CA

One of the most obvious signs of a leak, and biggest causes of worry, is a sudden drop in water pressure. Fortunately, whether you have an idea of where the leak is located or no clue, Husted Plumbing is on the case! We provide quality water leak detection services, and subsequent repairs to make sure the leak doesn’t return.

Our Santa Barbara, CA plumbing technicians show up to any job with a fully stocked truck so that there is no downtime where you have to wait for days to have your plumbing system restored. We are family owned and operated since 1935, and in that time have learned the value of treating our customers like family. Contact us today to receive the plumbing services you deserve.

When Should You Call for Water Leak Detection?

As we stated above, a clear sign of a leak is a sudden drop of water pressure. But this is not the only sign, and we want our customers to be able to get help when they need it. Leaks are among the most common problems in any plumbing system, but many homeowners don’t even know when they have one, since the majority of their pipes are hidden behind walls or beneath the property.

So if you hear running water but no appliances are on, this is one sign you have a leak. Or, if you have an otherwise unexplained warm spot on your floor, you may have a slab leak—which is a leak that occurs below the foundation of your home and can cause significant property damage if left to develop further.

Our Santa Barbara, CA plumbers use a variety of techniques to detect exactly where your leak is. We can use acoustic technology to listen for signs of an underground leak, and video pipe technology to get a visual on any plumbing problems. Contact us today to learn more about professional leak detection!

Other Signs You Have a Leak

To locate and fix a leak, you need the assistance of a pro. However, there are some more signs you can watch out for in addition to those we mentioned above. These include:

  • Increasing Water Bills: Chances are, you have somewhat of an idea of how much water your family uses each month. Look over the history of your bills and if the amount has begun to rise, yet you can’t account for it, you probably are dealing with a leak.
  • Discoloration: Check the drywall throughout your home. If you see brown or reddish marks, it could very well mean that water is seeping out behind it from a pipe. You might also see these marks on the ceiling.
  • Warped Floorboards: We mentioned slab leaks above—this is another indicator that they may be occurring. If leaks happen under the floorboards, it will cause warping and bumps in the flooring.

Let Us Find and Fix Your Leaks

Leak detection and repair is something that should definitely left to the pros. As soon as you suspect that you have leaky pipes or plumbing in your home, be sure to give Husted Plumbing a call! We also recommend scheduling this service, in addition to drain and sewer line inspection and cleaning, on a routine basis.

This will ensure your plumbing is in good condition throughout the years, and give you the peace of mind that your home is in good shape. Contact us today to schedule your next Santa Barbara, CA leak detection appointment.