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We Serve the Greater Santa Barbara and Ventura County Area

Family Owned & Operated Since 1935

Have you ever met a plumbing problem that happened at a convenient time of the day, or week? Chances are, probably not! That’s why the plumbing pros here at Husted Plumbing provide quality service. Family owned and operated since 1935, we are the team to trust for customer-centered service. From thorough drain and sewer cleaning services to water heater and water treatment installations, our team does it all. Contact us today to schedule your plumbing service in Goleta, CA.

Water Treatment Systems

Are you drinking or bathing in contaminated water? Without professional water testing, you really have no way of knowing this. We provide comprehensive water testing, and can help you make an educated decision on how to best to treat your water to restore its health, and to protect the health of your family. Ask us about water filtration systems, or consider looking into a UV water purifier, depending on the specific needs of your home.

Water Softeners

Do you need a water softener? If you have hard water-that is, water with a high level of calcium and magnesium in it-you can certainly benefit from one. While hard water won’t make you sick, it can certainly have a negative impact on your quality of life. Contact our technicians today to learn more.

Water Heater Services

There are some plumbing problems that are relatively subtle and unnoticeable at first. But when something goes wrong with your water heater, it can be pretty obvious. Fortunately for you and your Goleta, CA home, when you hire our plumbing technicians for water heater services, you can count on superior preventive maintenance to fend off nasty surprises like this!

Tankless Water Heaters

All homes are equipped with water heaters-and the type you’re probably most familiar with is the storage tank water heater. But this isn’t your option, if you’re looking to replace it. Tankless systems have a number of benefits, such as saving both energy and space. Contact our team today to learn more.

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services

If there is anything that counts as a plumbing emergency, it’s a broken sewer line. Fortunately, the team at Husted Plumbing is available since we know that no plumbing emergency happens at a good time! The operation of your sewer system and drain pipes is vital to the functionality of your entire Goleta, CA plumbing system. Contact us today for reliable drain and sewer services.

Commercial Plumbing

Were you aware that in the Goleta, CA area it is required by law that commercial buildings have backflow testing done? Backflow is when water from irrigation systems gets sucked back up and makes it into the public water supply. Fortunately, our team is backflow testing certified, and can provide backflow prevention services as well. This is just one of the many commercial plumbing services we provide-contact us today to learn more!