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We Serve the Greater Santa Barbara and Ventura County Area

Family Owned & Operated Since 1935

When you’re looking for professional Ojai, CA plumbers with a long history in the community, you needn’t look any further than Husted Plumbing. We’re family owned and operated since 1935 and treat our customers as we would our family. Turn to us for quality and dedication. From providing trenchless technology to ensure that your sewer line remains in good condition without destroying your landscaping, to providing backflow prevention services for commercial buildings, we do it all when it comes to comprehensive plumbing services.

Water Heater Services

Looking to upgrade your water heater? Whether you choose to go with a newer storage tank model or switch to a tankless water heater, both are great choices. When going through your choices, we can help you make an educated decision by informing you of capacity, dimensions, and how energy efficient you can expect any given system to be in your specific home.

Water Treatment Systems

When you call on our water treatment technicians, we’ll come to your home to collect samples from different locations and fixtures. This will help us get a wide sampling of your water, and then the samples will be sent to a lab where it undergoes tests for acidity, hardness, and the presence of contaminants. From there, we can go over your various water treatment system options, such as a UV water purifier.

Water Softeners

You’ve probably heard of hard water before, but do you know what it is? It’s water with a high presence of calcium and magnesium. This isn’t unhealthy to you or your family, but it is harmful to your plumbing system, causing it to break down over time and impacting your quality of life. For water softener services in Ojai, contact us today. 

UV Water Purifiers

You may be surprised to find that UV rays can help the quality of your water, but it can. The UV rays emitted from this system are harmless to people and pets, but successfully eliminates harmful contaminants like microbes, bacteria, and organic impurities.

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services

If you notice a problem with your drains or sewer line, it’s vital that you act fast. Professional services are an absolute must, and you should only trust this kind of job to a highly trained plumbing contractor. But how do you know if you have a problem? Some signs of a sewer line in disrepair include multiple clogged drains, foul odors coming from your yard, and toilets that keep backing up.

Commercial Plumbing

No matter what type of commercial space you own or manage, water heaters are an essential part of building functionality. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current water heaters or need repairs on your existing commercial water heater, we are the team to call. Reach out to us today for water heater services in addition to a variety of other commercial plumbing services.