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Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement in Santa Barbara, CA

Chances are, you have no desire to see your yard and beautiful landscaping torn up just because you need a small sewer line repair. Neither do we! Husted Plumbing is proud to offer reliable and efficient trenchless sewer line repair and replacement for our Santa Barbara, CA customers. Your sewer line is notoriously difficult to reach, but with our no-dig technology it’s no problem for this team!

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement enables our technicians to perform repairs with minimal disruption to your land or your property. In fact, this method of sewer line service lets us replace the entire line, if necessary, with no concerns about property disruption. There’s never a convenient time to have a sewer line emergency, but with our staff on site we can help repairs go smoothly. We are family owned and operated since 1935 and look forward to making you part of that family—contact us today

How Does No–Dig Technology Work?

Whether you need sewer line repairs or replacement, it makes sense that you’d like it done with as little disruption as possible to your Santa Barbara, CA property. This method of sewer repair lets our professionals conveniently access your sewer line, which is vital to carrying waste away from your property to a municipal sewer line in a hygienic matter. The sewer line is buried deep within your property though, out of sight.

This made sewer line services difficult in the past, but now allows for effective sewer line repairs and pipe relining without impacting your property. In previous years, the process of sewer repair caused a large amount of disruption. But no–dig technology only requires that two small pits be dug out at each end of your sewer line. Then, our technicians use a mechanical system and specialized equipment to easily repair your sewer line in a cost–effective manner.

We Manage All Sewer Line Jobs

Whether you’re looking to have a small portion of your sewer line pipes repaired or if you need a complete replacement, our team offers the services you need. Our expertly trained plumbing technicians use this technology effectively for sewer line replacement in addition to water and gas line installation. Using the two small holes we mentioned above, an entire pipe can be pulled through to replace the old one.

The way this works, is that a conical head is used to split or burst the old pipe. This process ideally forces the pipe out the opposite end while the new pipe is pulled into place. This leaves your household with a brand new sewer line, with minimal disruption to your yard or your property. We’re happy to share with you whatever details you need regarding trenchless technology. Contact us today!

Does Your Sewer Line Need Replacement?

In many cases—and ideally, in most cases—your sewer line can be repaired and you can have your entire plumbing system back to working order in no time. However, it’s important to be aware of the signs that there is a problem with the sewer line to begin with.

Watch for things like strong sewer odors, multiple backed up drains throughout your home, and soggy or bright green patches in the yard. This latter example happens when there’s a leak in your sewer line that’s moving up toward the surface of your property.